Why Is My Car Cold Inside When I Have the Heater On?

Winter is here and you want to be warm when you’re in your car, truck, or C/SUV. You crank up the heater on a cold night and, after some time, it’s still cold inside your automobile. What’s going on? C & C Automotive services and repairs automobile air-conditioning and heating systems, and we can find out why you’re getting nothing but cold air blowing through the vents. Here are common problems we fix.

Low Coolant Level

This might sound strange at first, but once you know how your car’s heater heats the air, it’ll make sense. The heater core is one of the last parts that hot engine coolant runs through before it returns to the radiator to cool off. A fan blows air over the heater core, and the hot coolant inside the heater core tubes heats up the air before it comes out of your vents. If you have low engine coolant, there’s not much for the heater core to warm up.

Speaking of the Heater Core…

The heater core could be the problem itself, as well. If the core is clogged or the coolant is leaking out of the heater core, you won’t get any hot air coming into the cabin. Oftentimes, you might also smell a musty odor that many describe as sweet or like maple syrup. This is your engine’s coolant, and if it is leaking out of the heater core, you will smell it blowing through the vents. Your windows might also fog up and your engine will overheat.

Thermostat Problems

Part of the cooling system, the thermostat releases coolant into the engine. The coolant is pumped through the engine by the water pump. If the thermostat is malfunctioning or has died completely, it won’t release engine coolant. No engine coolant means no hot coolant flowing through the heater core to warm up your cabin’s air. A broken thermostat can keep your temperature gauge at C(old) even though your engine is getting hot, and the lack of coolant will eventually cause your engine to overheat.

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