Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment

When it comes to proper vehicle maintenance, a wheel alignment is one of the most important things you can do to protect your investment. The process of a wheel alignment involves adjusting the wheels on your vehicle so that they’re all parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground. When everything is in proper alignment, you’ll notice better handling when you turn corners and a smooth ride. For the best wheel alignment Augusta, Martinez, and Warrenville have to offer, visit one of the five convenient C&C Automotive locations today.

There are three basic angles involved in a proper wheel alignment including the camber, caster, and toe. The camber measures the degree of offset from the road surface. Caster refers to the angle of the wheel’s pivot which is attached to the suspension. When this part of your wheels is out of alignment, you may notice that your vehicle pulls to one side or has difficulty driving straight. Finally, the toe refers to the directional difference between the center of your vehicle and the tire. Both the front and rear wheels on your vehicle should remain parallel to the tire beside it and perpendicular to the ground at the same time. Scheduling a wheel alignment on a regular basis can save you money and help you maintain exceptional vehicle performance.

Wheel Alignment Augusta, Martinez, & Warrenville

Regular wheel alignments keep your vehicle running safely and efficiently. A vehicle that’s properly aligned will have less wear and tear on the tire tread, better fuel efficiency, and safer handling overall. Wheels that are out of alignment will experience uneven tread wear that can result in a flat tire. If your vehicle pulls to the right or left when you’re in motion, you may need a wheel alignment. If you don’t get your wheels aligned, that pulling problem can turn into something more serious like steering and suspension issues. Misaligned wheels put excess pressure and stress on your tires as well as your suspension system.

You may notice that your vehicle seems to vibrate when you drive. If this vibration seems to get worse at higher speeds, it’s time to schedule a wheel alignment right away. Don’t ignore the signs that your wheels could be misaligned. If you don’t get the issue corrected, you could end up with a tire blowout, and you’ll probably notice that you’re spending a lot more at the gas pump, too!

Wheel Alignment Near Me

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