What Are the Signs of Transmission Problems?

An automobile transmission is a complex system filled with hundreds of parts. Addressing transmission problems at the first sign of trouble is key to preventing additional issues. C & C Automotive would be happy to inspect your automobile’s transmission if you notice any of the following things below.

Burning Smells

Burning smells coming from your automobile are serious no matter what the cause. In the case of a transmission, if you smell hot smells coming from underneath your automobile, your transmission may be low on transmission fluid and the hot smells you are detecting is the system overheating.

Check Engine Light

Many times, your vehicle’s engine control module will turn on the check engine light if there is a problem with the transmission. This is because the transmission does not have a light of its own. It’s important to take check engine lights seriously any time they come on.

Clunking Noises

You may hear your transmission clunk when you put it into gear as it’s changing gears. This is a sign that you have low transmission fluid or another problem in the transmission. You shouldn’t hear clunking ever, especially when you’re putting your transmission into gear.

Fluid Leaks

If you have fluid leaks underneath your car toward the center, it’s likely transmission fluid. Transmission fluid is bright red, slick, and translucent. If the fluid is brown, it might still be transmission fluid that is old, dirty, and needs to be changed. Fluid can leak out of the transmission pan or pan gasket.

Grinding Gears

Another sign you’ve got a problem in the transmission is grinding gears. Whether you drive an automatic or manual transmission, the gears should not grind. Grinding gears can be a sign of wear and tear in the gearbox or, in the case of a manual transmission, it could be a problem with the clutch.

Neutral Noise

If you notice humming or whining noises when your vehicle is in neutral, this is definitely a sign of transmission problems. You may also hear squealing or knocking. It’s important to get this sound checked right away to make sure you don’t cause additional damage to your transmission.

No Response

Another common sign of transmission problems is your transmission will not respond when you put your vehicle into gear. You may put it into drive or first gear and nothing will happen. It’s important not to attempt to drive your car in this instance. Rather, have it towed to one of our shops.

Slow Response

Finally, your transmission may respond but it may take a little while. If you notice hesitation when you put your transmission into gear, you have a transmission problem. Again, the issue could be something as simple as low transmission fluid, but it’s important to have the problem checked right away.

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Photo by Pongasn68 from Getty Images via Canva Pro