Transmission Repair


Vehicles rely on the transmission system to be the link between the engine and the wheels. From a manual or an automatic to a semi-automatic vehicle, the transmission is a crucial component to ensure a safe ride and reliable performance. The transmission keeps the engine output in sync with the speed and load conditions of a car. This complex system reduces engine output speed and transmits torque through several parts of the vehicle including the differential, driveshaft, and wheels.

When you change speeds as you drive, your transmission system switches between different gears that impact the level of torque applied to the wheels. This system requires a transmission fluid that acts as a cooling agent and keeps all of the internal gears lubricated. Clean transmission fluid also prevents excessive rust and corrosion. Manual transmission systems use clutches and gear shifts to provide pressure and force, while automatic transmission systems rely on fluid to perform the same action.

Why You May Need Transmission Repair

If your transmission system isn’t operating as it should, it can have a serious impact on vehicle performance. You may notice problems like grinding gears, trouble shifting gears, bucking, slipping out gear, or engine hesitation. Loud noises can also indicate an issue with the transmission system. For manual vehicles, a dragging clutch or clutches that fail to disengage may need transmission repair. How you drive can have an impact on your transmission’s performance. For example, aggressive driving habits, constant extreme acceleration or deceleration, hauling heavy loads, or driving over rugged terrain can all be factors that contribute to the need for transmission repair.

Old or dirty transmission fluid can cause serious performance issues with your automatic transmission vehicle. A full system fluid flush may be required to remove debris and dirt and to refill your transmission system with new, clean fluid. Check your vehicle owner’s manual to determine when you may need to schedule regular transmission maintenance services. This is an important step in protecting your vehicle’s engine and transmission system. However, if you notice a burning smell, loud noises, or extreme changes in performance, it’s time to schedule an inspection and possible transmission repair as soon as possible.

Transmission Repair Near Me

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