Your tires are what connect your vehicle to the surface of the road and allow for easy handling. This part of your vehicle’s suspension system is responsible for transmitting the forces of driving, steering, and braking to the surface of the road to keep you in motion or to help you stop as needed. While they are fairly easy to maintain, they’re often an overlooked part of good vehicle maintenance. The amount of air pressure and the condition of your tires can affect things like vehicle performance and comfort when you drive. It’s important to check those regularly and have some simple tire service and maintenance performed. At C & C Automotive, we offer a variety of services to keep your tires in great condition including balance, rotation, and alignment. We’re also happy to help you learn more and help with understanding things like sidewall markings, when to buy, and how to find the right type of tires for your vehicle.

Tire Service

As you drive on your tires, they slowly start to lose air. Tires with low inflation levels can go flat if the correct level of air isn’t added as soon as possible. Correctly inflated tires have strong sidewalls, while those that are underinflated have flexible sidewalls that can result in excessive wear. Tires that are overinflated can also cause the tread on your tires to wear down faster. Check the air in your tires regularly and add air as needed to keep them inflated at the correct level.

Another important part of tire service is balancing and rotation. Our team of skilled mechanics will make sure that all 4 tires are balanced correctly, and we’ll also check to see if they need to be rotated. Regular rotation of your tires can extend their lifespan and save you lots of money in the long run. Tire rotation and balance services can also help to prevent annoying and potentially dangerous blowouts. Healthy tires will have the right level of traction, better load carrying capabilities, reduced rolling resistance, and a longer lifespan. Don’t wait to find out about the condition of your tires. Contact us today so we can provide your tires with the right maintenance.

Tires Near Me

The pros at C & C Automotive are here to help you with all of your vehicle repair and preventative maintenance needs. Give us a call or come visit us at one of our five locations including Augusta, GA, Martinez, GA, and Columbia and Aiken County, SC today!


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