Oil Change

Oil Changes

The oil in your engine protects it from damage, and an oil change is one of the most important components of preventative maintenance for any vehicle. With regular oil and filter changes, you can keep all of the moving parts in your engine lubricated to reduce the friction that normally occurs. Vehicle engines produce a lot of heat, so clean oil also acts as a cooling agent to prevent your engine from overheating. If your oil levels are low or the oil is dirty, it’s time to contact C & C Automotive for your next oil change. We have five convenient locations including Augusta, GA, Martinez, GA, Columbia, and Aiken County, SC today!

Oil Change

When your vehicle needs an oil change, we’ll drain the old, dirty oil first and then replace it with new, clean oil. We will also remove the old oil filter and replace it with a new one, too. During the oil change, our technicians will also lubricate the chassis components of your vehicle according to your specific manufacturer’s recommendations. Once the process is complete, your vehicle will have the lubrication required to keep all of the moving parts in your engine protected. An oil and filter change is affordable, fast, and an easy way to keep up with your vehicle maintenance needs.

How Often Should I Get My Oil Changed?

As you drive your car, the oil starts to accumulate tiny particles, grime, and contaminants. These small particles form deposits that can cause serious wear and tear to your engine. Oil that’s excessively dirty or full of grime loses its ability to lubricate your engine. Eventually, your engine will be overworked, may overheat, and worst of all, it could even lead to engine failure. Too much heat leads to thermal breakdown in the oil, resulting in a change in viscosity and a reduction in oil flow. When dirty oil moves through the engine it does so slowly, which also means that your engine needs to work harder and will lead to excessive wear. Follow the guidelines in your owner’s manual when it comes to scheduling regular oil changes. If you drive a lot more frequently than the average driver, you may need to have oil changes performed more often to keep everything running smoothly.

Oil Change Near Me

Getting oil changes on a regular basis will keep your car protected and give you peace of mind. At C & C Automotive, we’re here to help you with all of your vehicle repair and preventative maintenance needs. Give us a call or come visit us at one of our five locations including Augusta, GA, Martinez, GA,
Columbia, and Aiken County, SC today!


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