Noises You Never Want to Hear in Your Automobile’s Engine

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You can count on C & C Automotive to find the reason why your engine is making a strange noise and fix it. There are a handful of sounds you never want to hear in your automobile’s engine. We are going to list the sounds below. We are also going to discuss the common causes of the sounds.


Your engine may growl, grind, or scrape if there is not enough motor oil circulating through it. If this is the case, you will cause damage to the engine if you keep driving your vehicle. We recommend that you pull over and check the oil. If the level is low, add oil to the engine to see if it stops the noise. If it does not, have your vehicle towed to our shop to avoid additional engine damage.


A common reason why the engine will make a hissing noise is that a vacuum hose is leaking inside the engine. We can replace the hose to resolve the problem. Another reason why the engine will make a hissing noise is if you have fluid leaking onto engine parts that are hot. The engine may also sizzle.


If the engine is knocking, the cause can be boiled down to two different things: detonation knock or rod knock. If the problem is detonation knock, you have an issue with your spark plugs, a lean fuel mixture, or the wrong fuel in the tank. If the problem is rod knock, the pistons are banging against the cylinders.


There are two specific parts in the exhaust system that can make the engine pop. Actually, there are three parts. They are the catalytic converter, the exhaust manifold, or the exhaust manifold gasket. If the converter is clogged, the engine may pop. If the manifold or manifold gasket is leaking, the engine may pop, tap, or hiss.


A rumbling engine can be a sign that someone has stolen your catalytic converter. It can also mean that you need to replace the muffler in your exhaust system because it has a hole in it.


Finally, if your engine is squealing, it’s probably time to change the accessory belt. This belt will squeal when it gets loose or worn out.

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