Engine Repair

Engine Repair

No matter what make and model vehicle you drive, every engine will require some kind of repair at some point in time. The average vehicle can drive hundreds of thousands of miles before it officially “gives up,” but there may be some engine repair needed along the way. Whether you drive a diesel, gas-powered, or hybrid vehicle, every car owner should be aware of a few common issues that might require the help of a trained mechanic. If you think you need engine repair, don’t hesitate to contact C & C Automotive today for all of your vehicle needs.

Check Engine Light

If you notice that the infamous check engine light comes on when you’re driving, it’s time to get a diagnostics test. This light can mean anything from something as simple as a loose gas cap to something much more serious like major engine failure. A series of codes are stored in your car’s onboard computer, and a signal is sent when something wrong is detected, causing the light to illuminate. The pros at C & C Automotive will run a full test to determine what’s causing the light to come on. The longer you ignore this light, the worse the issue can become, so schedule a diagnostics test as soon as possible.

Engine Noise

Your engine has a distinctive sound. It is likely that you already recognize it without even realizing it. But when your engine starts to make new or different noises, it is a cause for concern. Some of the most common noises engines make when they are having an issue are:

  • Squealing or Screaming Noises
  • Grinding
  • Tapping or Clicking
  • A Sudden Bang
  • Knocking

If your engine is making any of these noises it needs to be addressed as soon as possible by an engine expert like C & C Automotive.

Leaking Fluid

Every vehicle needs a variety of fluids to keep it running smoothly. If you notice that there’s fluid leaking from any part of your vehicle, you might need engine repair. Whether it’s coolant, oil, or some other fluid, this is something you should never leave to chance. Let our team inspect the source of the leak and then help you get it fixed so that your engine continues to run smoothly and safely.

Engine Repair Near Me

The pros at C & C Automotive are here to help you with all of your vehicle repair and preventative maintenance needs. Give us a call or come visit us at one of our five locations including Augusta, GA, Martinez, GA, and Columbia and Aiken County, SC today!

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