Vehicle Diagnostics

As vehicles have evolved and become more and more technologically advanced, the auto repair industry has had to do its part to keep up. At C & C Automotive, we have done just that arming our expert technicians with the latest in diagnostic equipment. In fact, if you are looking for the most reliable and accurate vehicle diagnostics in Augusta, Martinez, or Columbia and Aiken County, SC, you will find exactly what you need and C & C Automotive.

Check Engine Light

Today’s vehicles are equipped with a powerful onboard computing system that connects and controls all of the major components and systems in your vehicle. But even more than that, it has the ability to scan all of those systems looking for any problems or even potential issues. When it comes across something that isn’t right, it alerts you by lighting up your check engine light.

At C & C Automotive, we always stress the importance of having your vehicle inspected anytime your check engine light comes on, but you also need to remember not to panic. It could be an indicator of major engine repair or something as simple as needing to tighten up your fuel cap after filling up your tank. 

Whatever the issue is, C & C Automotive can help. Bring your vehicle in for a diagnostics appointment and we will find and repair the problem before it gets worse.

Vehicle Diagnostics

As advanced as modern-day diagnostic scanning tools are, they still can’t tell you exactly what the problem is. You need a trusted mechanic for that. At C & C Automotive, we take the results of your diagnostic scan and use them as a road map to clue us in on where the issue is. From there we are able to thoroughly inspect the affected system or systems and diagnose the problem.

Not only does this process save you time waiting around for your vehicle to be repaired, but it also saves you money in labor costs because our mechanics are able to find and repair the problem sooner.

Vehicle Diagnostics Near Me

If your check engine light is on, or if your vehicle is behaving a little odd, schedule an appointment or come on by. Our technicians are here to help give you peace of mind with top-quality repairs and unbeatable service. Give us a call or come visit us at one of our five locations including Augusta, GAMartinez, GA, and Columbia and Aiken County, SC today!


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