Catalytic Converter Problems Affect Your Vehicle’s Performance

The catalytic converter is part of your vehicle’s exhaust system, and it’s a crucial part. It’s rare for any automobile to have catalytic converter problems until it has a lot of miles on the odometer. C & C Automotive services and repairs vehicle exhaust systems, and this includes inspecting the catalytic converter for any signs of trouble and replacing this important part when necessary. Let’s discuss the catalytic converter further, what it does, and signs your converter is in trouble.

What Does the Catalytic Converter Do?

The primary function of the catalytic converter is to take the carbon monoxide in your vehicle’s exhaust and convert it into carbon dioxide before it is released through the tailpipe. The catalytic converter can get clogged and it can also develop leaks. When this happens, you’ll notice the signs listed below and your vehicle may also fail an emissions test. In many cases, your automobile’s engine control module or ECM will also turn on the check engine light to warn you that something is wrong.

What Are the Signs That the Catalytic Converter Is Going Bad?

If your automobile has 70,000 miles or more, it might be time to start looking for the signs of catalytic converter problems. On average, this part lasts about 100,000 miles, so plan to have it replaced once you’ve reached this high mileage milestone. Regular vehicle maintenance allows us to test your exhaust your system and catalytic converter to prevent problems, but signs it’s too late for that include

  • Engine performance that lags, seems sluggish, or sputters
  • Reduced acceleration capability from a dead stop or while in motion
  • Excess exhaust smoke that is dark or black
  • An odor of sulfur that many describe as rotten eggs
  • Overheating in the engine or underneath the vehicle

It’s important to have any of these symptoms inspected by a professional right away because they are signs not only of catalytic converter problems but also of other issues in your engine. If the problem is not the catalytic converter, you might have another exhaust system problem, issues in the fuel system, or issues with your engine’s combustions.

Ignoring the signs of catalytic converter problems also opens you to the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning should exhaust make its way into your vehicle’s interior cabin. C & C Automotive has an auto repair shop in downtown Augusta, West Augusta, Martinez, and Aiken County, GA, and our ASE-Certified technicians have vast experience in automotive service and repair, including catalytic converter replacement. Stop by or call the shop closest to you to schedule an appointment.