Auto AC & Heat Repair

auto ac and heat repair

You rely on your vehicle’s AC and heating system to keep you comfortable when you drive. The extremely hot summers in Georgia and South Carolina call for a working AC system so you can stay cool no matter where you go. You also need working heat to keep your warm when the cold months of winter strike. In order to maintain a comfortable cabin interior, you may need the help of AC or heating repair and service from C & C Automotive.

Auto AC Repair

The AC system in your vehicle cools, purifies, and circulates the air to keep you comfortable. The entire system works through several processes that require the use of refrigerants. This refrigerant is responsible for removing heat from the cabin of the vehicle and goes through a constant cycle of compression that works with the compressor drive belt. The compressor pumps this refrigerant through the system, converting hot gas into a liquid, then cooling it. Other important components include the condenser and evaporator, which also help to process the liquid refrigerant into a gas that comes through your vents as nice, cold air.

Auto Heater Repair

While your car’s cooling system removes heat from the engine, the heating system transfers this heat to your cabin area. Any excess heat from the engine is absorbed by coolant, which is a mixture of water and antifreeze. The coolant runs through hoses from the engine to the radiator and then expels some of that heat into the air. Your water pump pushes the coolant through the engine as well as your car’s cooling and heating systems. As coolant travels to the heater core in your dashboard, a fan directs the warm air into the cabin to keep you nice and warm.

Why You Need AC and Heat Repair & Service from C & C Automotive

The heating and cooling systems in your car work together, which means a problem with one will affect the other. Whether it’s low coolant levels or a damaged radiator, heater hose, or thermostat, all of these components must be in working order to keep your cabin cool or warm. You can trust the trained professionals at C & C Automotive to make a full diagnostics of your car’s AC and heating system. We’ll determine the cause of the problem quickly, then start making all of the repairs needed to get you back to a comfortable place. Bring your vehicle to us at the first sign of a problem. The sooner you have the issue diagnosed, the better you can prevent the possibility of much more expensive repairs later. It may be something as simple as needing more refrigerant which can save you lots of money in the long run.

Auto AC & Heat Repair Near Me

The pros at C & C Automotive are here to help you with all of your vehicle repair and preventative maintenance needs. Give us a call or come visit us at one of our five locations including Augusta, GA, Martinez, GA, Columbia, SC, and Aiken County, SC today!

$29.50AC Performance Check

  • Check AC Pressures
  • Clean AC Condenser
  • Test AC Cooling Fan Operation
  • Test Blower Motor
  • Test Mode Control Doors
  • Perform Spring Inspection
  • Included If Repairs or Service Performed

*Cannot combine with any other offers. Limited time only.


EXP 5-17-2024

$224.95AC System Service

  • Evacuate AC System
  • Apply Vacuum to AC System
  • Add Proper Amount of Refrigerant Oil
  • Add the Proper Amount of Refrigerant
  • Perform AC Performance Check

*Cannot combine with any other offers. Limited time only.


EXP 5-17-2024


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